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Letter Boxed

Letter Boxed is a word puzzle game where players must connect letters to create words and use all of the 12 given letters in a square at least once.

How to play Letter Boxed

The game is set in a square with 3 letters on each side of the square. There is a total of 12 letters.

Players must connect letters in order to make words that contain at least 3 letters. The ultimate goal is to use all the letters around the square at least one time. Try to complete the mission within as few words as you can.

Unique twists

There are also unique twists that make the game hard to play:

Each new word must begin with the last letter of the previous word you've guessed.

Players can't connect consecutive letters from the same side. This also means that words with double letters like brilliantly or dazzle cannot be used.

Additionally, excluded words are offensive terms, profanities, and proper nouns.

The word puzzle challenge

Letter Boxed adds a new challenge to word puzzle enthusiasts. It requires players to navigate the square and think in multiple dimensions because different letters are placed on different sides of the square. It adds a new layer of strategy and vocabulary.

New puzzle daily

The game refreshes its challenge daily. Each day offers a new set of letters and a new challenge for players to test their vocabulary. You can also share your achievements with a community of word puzzle enthusiasts!

Play Letter Boxed today and get ready to unbox your vocabulary!

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