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Wordle is a popular word guessing game that has ruled the Internet these days. Players have six tries to guess a five-letter word. The word hints will be given after each guess to give clues about the target word.

How to play Wordle game

Basic Wordle Rules

The game is set in a 5x6 grid. The objective is simple. Find a hidden five-letter word!

To start the game, enter a 5-letter word then press Enter to submit.

Remember that the word you entered must be in the word list!

Once you've submitted your guess, the color of the tiles will change. Analyze that to make the right guess.

Green tile: The letter is correct.

Yellow tile: The letter is in the secret word but must be placed somewhere else.

Gray tile: The letter is incorrect.

Try to find the word within as few tries as you can! If you can't solve it after 6 tries, you will lose the puzzle.

One puzzle a day

There is one puzzle a day. And people all over the world are trying to guess the same word! While you may think it's too little. It's a way to keep the game fresh and get players to come back every day for a new challenge!

Share your Wordle journey

People on Twitter and many other social platforms are talking about Wordle! They share their achievements and the number of tries it takes to solve the puzzle.

Once you completed the Wordle of the day, don't forget to share it. Try to earn streaks and showcase your vocabulary skills.

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