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Connections Game

Welcome to a popular word-grouping game by the New York Times, Connections game. In this game, players must group 16 words into 4 different categories. There is a total of four guesses to solve the puzzle.

How to play Connections Game

Word-grouping game

Unlike word games like Wordle where players must find a hidden word. In Connections NYT, players are presented with sixteen words. The main objective is to divide them into 4 groups. Each group must contain four words and share the same theme.

To play, select four words that you think are in the same category then hit Submit.

If the answer is correct, these words will be grouped at the top with their theme name and removed from the grids. Moreover, each group has a different color to categorize its ranking.

Yellow: The easiest-to-guess group.

Green: Medium difficulty.

Blue: Hard difficulty.

Purple: Trickiest group.

In case your answer is incorrect, you have to deselect the words and choose again. You can deselect words unlimited times before you submit.

Remember that you can only make a maximum of 4 mistakes!

Don't forget the Shuffle button

If you get stuck, try to refresh by using the Shuffle button. This feature can give you a new view to spot word combinations.

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