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Harmonies is a fun daily music game! Your goal should be to find common musical themes between songs and group them into 4 groups. Each group consists of 4 squares.

How to play Harmonies

You will see a grid with 4x4 squares, each containing the name of a song.

You need to find common themes between songs and connect them.

Each time, you will choose 4 songs and press submit to check if they are in the right group.

After each group, you will receive feedback on the number of errors in the group you just selected. Use it to make the correct choice.

You only have a few mistakes, so consider them before choosing.

You will win when you correctly choose 4 groups of songs within the allowed number of mistakes.

Tips and strategies

Common characteristics of songs can be genre, era, mood, or cultural significance.

Harmonies provides a daily playlist. Look at them as potential clues and references that can help you find a solution.

Daily practice: to further develop puzzle-solving skills and improve experience.

Try playing Harmonies unblocked to immerse yourself in music and discover hidden connecting themes.


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