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Quordle is a spin-off of the word-guessing Wordle game that features four puzzles at once. Players must solve 4 five-letter words simultaneously within 9 chances.

What is Quordle - A brief history

Quordle wordle history

The appearance of Quordle must be traced back to the history of Wordle. Wordle is a word-guessing game developed by Josh Wardle and made public in October 2021. The game rapidly gained popularity and became viral in late December 2021. The game objective is to guess a random five-letter word within 6 tries. In Quordle, the rules are similar. Players will receive color signals about the hidden word after each guess. The box will change its color. Green means that the letter is correct in the right place. Yellow indicates the letter is in the hidden word but it's in the wrong position. Gray demonstrates that the letter is not in the word. Wordle game has become a phenomenon all over the world. Millions of people enjoy the game! And it's all over the Internet.

Inspired by Wordle, Quordle game was developed by Freddie Meyer and released in 2022. It has another name: Wordle quadrupled! It's four times harder than Wordle with 4 puzzles at once. It's much more challenging!

Quordle today takes the challenge to a whole new level and satisfies word game enthusiasts!

Acquisition and new features

In January 2023, Quordle was acquired by Merriam-Webster. Since then, the core game has remained the same. New features and new versions like Quordle Daily Sequence, Practice Mode, and Weekly Challenge are added!

How to play Quordle game

Find four hidden words

This word puzzle Quordle game is set on a board with four 5x9 grids demonstrating four hidden words that you must find. The rules: your main goal is to guess four 5-letter words at once in nine guesses. Like other games, to start playing, simply enter any random five-letter words that come to your mind then press the Enter button. The same letter you've entered will be filled in all of the four grids at the same time.

9 tries to find all four words

You only have 9 chances to find all of the four hidden words. And you will lose the puzzle if you can't complete all the words within nine guesses.

Get color hints for each guess

After each guess, you will receive clues with color-coded hints. The letters may turn green, yellow, or gray.

A green box demonstrates that the letter you've entered is correct and it's in the correct position.

A yellow box demonstrates that the letter you've entered is in the hidden word but it's in the wrong position.

A grey box demonstrates that the letter is not in the hidden word.

Try to analyze the color clues to eliminate the wrong letters and find the right word.

There's a catch to know!

You will receive different color clues for each of the four hidden words in the four grid. So the color of the tiles will be different in each grid.

Besides, the color of letters on the virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen will also change. Each part of the letter keyboard box demonstrates different grids in clockwise.


Quordle game rules

Daily word game puzzle to solve!

This is a daily word puzzle game. Each day features a new puzzle. So come back daily to test your linguistic skills and claim impressive streaks! Play Quordle today and challenge your ability to solve four hidden words.

The challenge is real as you have to find four words at once! Can you solve impossible mission?

A fantastic word puzzle game

Quordle shares the same game rules as Wordle but quadruples the challenge! Instead of one five-letter word to guess, players must find 4 words. And the available guesses also increase from 6 to 9! It requires players to have a wide vocabulary and strategic thinking! It's one of the best word games to play! Can you find all of the answers in this word puzzle game?

Tips and Strategies to Win at Quordle Wordle game

1. Select a nice starting word

Start with a word that has many common vowels and consonants. This is because these letters are more likely to appear in the hidden word.

2. Analyze the hints

As you get more color hints, try to use the elimination process to narrow down the possible letters.

3. Pay attention to word patterns

There are some common letter combinations in words. If you notice this, you can easily narrow down the possibilities and find the remaining letters. You need to have a mind sharp.

4. Practice

There is a Practice mode that you can try. It offers you unlimited chances to improve your word-guessing skills. Try it to upgrade your skills without losing your progress.


Is Quordle free to play?

You can play Quordle today online for free without any download or registration.

What happened to Quordle?

Quordle game was acquired by Merriam-Webster in January 2023. “It will make a great addition to our lineup of games and quizzes, and we look forward to playing along with the millions of Quordle fans every day.”

Quordle game challenges players to think in multiple dimensions. Players must manage to find four words simultaneously. And a new set of words will be created every day! And everyone around the globe is trying to complete the same puzzle! Play it now and test your word knowledge. Players can share their journey and achievements with the community on different social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more. Are you ready to take on the challenge of the Quordle word game? Try your best and become the word master in this interesting game!

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