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Dordle game doubles the Wordle challenge as players must guess two words simultaneously in seven tries. The game has both Free and Daily modes to try.

How to play Dordle game

Basic game rules

Dordle is a word-guessing game inspired by Wordle. In this game, players must solve two hidden words within 7 chances and get hints after each guess.

There are two 5x7 grids on the board.

To start the game, enter a five-letter word and press Enter to submit. The word you entered is applied in both grids.

Next, the tiles of both grids will change colors to give you hints.

Gray: That letter is not in the hidden word.

Yellow: That letter is in the hidden word but it should be placed in a different spot.

Green: That letter is in the correct spot.

You will get hints for each guess. Analyze it to guess two Wordles at once. Make sure that you pay attention to both words.

Remember that you only have 7 chances!

Free Dordle and Daily Dordle

The game offers players 2 game modes that share the same rules. However, there's a difference:

Daily Dordle: There is only one puzzle a day and players must wait for the new day to come to try a new puzzle.

Free Dordle: This is an endless mode in which players can try random puzzles whenever they want.

Quadruple Wordle, or Quordle: Four times harder!

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