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Spotle is a game to guess the name of the music artist in 10 guesses. Once you guess correctly, you will hear one of that artist's hits. It's a Wordle game about music artists!

How to Play Spotle

First, enter the name of any musical artist into the input grid.

After each guess, you will be given clues to use for further predictions. These suggestions include debut album year, group size, listener rank, gender, genre, and nationality. The clues you guessed correctly will be green.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the up or down arrow; the information turns yellow (closer to the target).

After guessing correctly, you can share the results. If you haven't guessed yet, come back the next day to continue playing.

Tips and strategies

Starting from the letters that appear a lot in the artist's name. This helps you narrow down and find important characters.

Feedback related to their Spotify profile.

Remember that you have 10 times to guess the artist correctly. So use color clues to make smart choices.

Play a lot to practice: Spotle is a game about music knowledge, so the more you play, the more you will improve your ability to guess the artist's name.

Start the Spotle Spotify game and test your music knowledge!

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