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Bandle is a fun word-guessing game on the theme of music. Your task is to guess the name of a band or singer. You have a maximum of six attempts. 

How to play Bandle

First, you will receive related clues about hidden words, such as release year, YouTube views, and difficulty level.

You will listen to a musical instrument, for example, drums, and try to guess the name of the song. Please enter your guess and click submit.

If you can't guess the song or band you're looking for, you will hear another hint to keep guessing.

You correctly guess the hidden Bandle when the hint turns green.

You will be set new challenges every day! Learn to recognize songs through each instrument to develop musical recognition abilities.

Some popular music topics in Bandle

The Bandle game includes famous bands from around the world.

In addition to the band, Bandle also includes solo singers.

You will guess the names of genres such as pop, rock, jazz, or classical.

Film, Local and national music.

If you love music, Bandle Unlimited is a perfect game to try!


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