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Taylordle is a daily puzzle game that is similar to Wordle. Your goal is to guess a secret word in six attempts. The hidden words usually consist of 4 to 8 letters and connect to Taylor Swift.

How to play the Taylordle?

Make a first guess

To start the game, you need to type any word in the first line, including the required number of words. Then click the enter button to submit. Remember that the words are related to Taylor Swift

Get hints

The tiles's color will change after each guess to show whether or not your guess was correct.

Green: The letter is in the word and the correct position.

Yellow: The letter is in the word but in a different location.

Gray: The letter is not in the hidden word.

Keep trying and sharing

Analyze the feedback to get more information about the letters and their locations. Then, continue typing words in subsequent lines until you guess the hidden word (all tiles are green). After completion, you can share the game and the results with your friends.

If you enjoy puzzle word games and are a fan of Taylor Swift, start playing Taylordle game right now.

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