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Sedecordle is a hidden word guessing game. Your task is to correctly guess 16 different words in 21 attempts.

How to play Sedecordle

In each game, you need to guess 16 different words correctly.

You have 21 turns to guess 16 correct words. Each turn, you only enter 1 prediction word.

For each guess, you need to enter a new word, not repeat a previously guessed word.

After typing, the letter boxes will change color to indicate the feedback of the word

Green box: that letter is in the correct position in the correct word.

Yellow box: that letter is in the correct word but in a different position.

Gray box: that letter is not in the correct word.

Based on the color of the letter boxes, you will gradually delete the wrong letters and find the correct words.

If you successfully guess 16 words in 21 turns, you will win. Otherwise, the game ends.

Game modes

Daily mode: This is the most competitive game mode. Every day, you'll be given 16 new hidden words to guess.

Practice mode: You can freely practice to improve your skills. There is no limit to the words you can guess.

Start playing Sedecordle and improve their vocabulary skills!


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