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Plusword is a fun and popular word-guessing game. In this game, you need to guess the hidden word of five letters in a limited number of tries.

How to play Plusword

1. Analyze clues and fill in the grid.

First, you need to read the clues given.
Use the hints to find the right word to fill in the grid so that the letters must match each other both horizontally and vertically.
You can complete them in order or write down answers that you already have. This will help you complete the grid more easily.

2. Color feedback

On the grid, you'll see feedback through colored boxes:
Yellow: That letter is part of the word, but you need to arrange it in another position.
Green: The letter is not only part of the word but is also in the right place.

3. Fill in the letters for Plusword.

You will see the area designated for plusword on the puzzle.
Continue filling in the plusword using the clues provided.
You have finished the quiz within the time limit.

Game setup

Hard mode: Turn on this mode to upgrade the game. You will have to use any clues you got from previous attempts in successive guesses.

Plusword gives players an exciting experience with daily puzzles.

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