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OpenGuessr is an online geography-guessing game. Your task is to guess the position of the images displayed on the screen. From famous landscapes to secluded country roads, each image presents a new puzzle for players to solve.

How to play OpenGuessr

First, you will see a Google Street View image. You need to use clues such as language, architecture, vegetation or road signs, to help determine the location.

Your task is to determine the location of the image displayed on the world map.

As you make your prediction, the game will reveal response hints: Precise location and calculate the distance between your prediction and actual location.

The closer the distance between the prediction and the actual position, the higher your score.

OpenGuessr will update scores and rankings.

Game features

Diversity in global geographic locations.

Competition and rankings.

Flexibility and customization to specific locations or themes.

You're ready to test your geography knowledge, observational skills, and interpretive reasoning abilities at OpenGuessr.


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