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NYT Spelling Bee

NYT Spelling Bee is a fun spelling game from The New York Times. You need to create words using letters from the hive. Words must contain at least 4 letters and include a middle letter.

How to play NYT Spelling Bee

You can click letters on the screen or use the keyboard to type.

To complete the game, you need to find the longest word that uses all the letters.

The score is higher if you find the root word (the word containing all the letters from the hive).

Tips and strategies

Find the root word: Find the word that contains all the letters from the hive. This is the root word and will yield a higher score.

Create additional words: After finding the root word, create more words using the letters from the hive. The additional word score will be lower, but it helps you accumulate points faster.

Use common words: The game does not include rare words or proper names. Find common words to get good scores.

Focus on length: Scores increase according to word length. Find long words to earn extra points.

Try to find as many words as possible to get the highest score!


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