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Hoop Grids

Hoop Grips is a grid puzzle game that challenges you to find a specific basketball player following the criteria specified in the rows and columns. The criteria relate to their team affiliations, statistical achievements, and participation in a daily NBA trivia game.

How to Play Hoop Grips

The objective of the game is to fill in a 3x3 grid with NBA players who satisfy the criteria of each column and row.

Grid Selection 

Select the puzzle or grid that you would like to play. Each grid may have different criteria and difficulty levels.

Complete The Grid

You need to analyze the provided criteria in each row and column to find the appropriate basketball player names. You can resubmit a different player by clicking the cell again and there is no limit to the number of guesses.

Reduce Rarity Score

You try to minimize the commonality of your player selections across different grids.

Submit Your Answers

After you've filled in the grid, submit your answers to see how well you performed. The game may assign you a score or rank based on your choices.

Hoop Grids game is loved for its visually appealing graphics and engaging gameplay. Let's play and test your NBA knowledge

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