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Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is a simplified variant of the Wordle game. Your task is to correctly guess the hidden word in six tries.

How to play Hello Wordl

  1. Make a first guess.

On the screen, you will see a grid of blank text boxes. You can set between 4 and 11 characters.

You need to find the secret word in six guesses.

After entering a word with the required number of letters in the blank box, press Enter to submit.

  1. Get suggestions

After entering the word, the text boxes will be colored to suggest:

Green: That letter is in the correct position in the secret word.

Yellow: That letter is in the secret word but in a different position.

Gray: That letter is not in the secret word.

  1. Continue guessing

Based on the hints, try to guess the secret word in six turns.

If you guess correctly before your turn ends, you will win.

After completing a game, you can play again and guess a new secret word.

Keep playing to improve your word-solving abilities. 

Try your hand at Hello Wordl and try to guess the secret word in six turns! This game is a fun way to challenge your mind. 

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