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Foodle is a food-themed word-guessing game. Your task is to guess a 5-letter food word in six tries.

How to play Foodle

When you visit Foodle, you will see a grid on the screen, representing a secret word related to food.

You need to guess this secret word by typing a 5-letter word in the blank box.

After you type the guess word, the letters will be highlighted as follows:

Green: The letter is in the secret word and in the correct position.

Yellow: The letter is correct but not in the correct location.

Gray: The letter is not in the hidden word.

Based on this feedback, you try to make inferences and guess the correct food word.

You will win if you guess the secret word correctly in six tries. At this point, you can share your results on social networks.

Some key features of Foodle

Focus on vocabulary and terms related to food.

Difficulty increases with each passing day of the week.

Ability to share results and compete with friends.

Every day, there will be a new Foodle.

Foodle is an engaging vocabulary game for those who enjoy both word games and food.

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