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Cowordle is a 2-player version of the game Wordle. This game is designed for two players to guess the secret word together. Try to be faster than your opponents to win!

How to play Cowordle Game

You can choose to play with a random online opponent or share to play with your friends.

1. Make the first guess

For each guess, you have 30 seconds. An appropriate 5-letter word must be used. After entering the input box, press the enter key to submit.

2. Get hints

After each attempt, the color of the title cells will change in the following way:

Green: The letters are in the correct position in the hidden word.

Yellow: Letters appear in a different position in the target word.

Gray: Letters are not in the hidden word

Note the letters that have been correctly positioned (green) or are included in the word (yellow). Use this information to figure out the remaining words.

3. Keep trying and completing the game

You and a selected opponent must find the hidden word within a limited number of guesses. Find the answer as quickly as possible to win this game.

Cowordle Wordle is more challenging because you have to compete with your opponents. Furthermore, you are under time pressure during each guess.

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