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Codeword is a traditional word-guessing game. You need to fill in a grid of letters to find out a secret word.

How to play Codeword

Make a first guess

The game provides a letter grid, usually 15x15 cells in size.

In this grid, there is a secret word hidden, usually a common word or a proper name.

Players begin by filling in letters in the blank boxes based on the clues provided.

Analyze clues

  • Number of letters in the secret word.
  • The position of a few letters is correct in the word.
  • Information about the letters in the secret word (first letter, last letter, etc.)

Based on these clues, the player guesses the remaining letters to complete the secret word.

Complete and move on

If the player guesses the secret word correctly, he will receive points. If not, they will have to try again with a new secret word.

Practice diligently to improve your skills.

Features of Codeword

Challenging: You have to guess the secret word based on only limited clues. The game requires logical reasoning and vocabulary knowledge.

Diversity: Secret words in Codeword can include different types of words.

Codeword is a challenging brain game. Use your reasoning skills and vocabulary knowledge to successfully solve the puzzles.


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