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Crosswordle is a word puzzle game in that you need to move the letters horizontally or vertically to find the correct word.

How To Play Crosswordle

Start with a guess: After reviewing the suggestions for the words, you can tap two letters to swap their positions. 

Analyze hints: Each tile's color represents its relationship to the final position in the word:

Green color: The letters are in the correct position.

Yellow color: The letters are in the horizontal or vertical word but in a different position 

Grey color: The letters are not in the horizontal or vertical word, you need to swap them into the right position

So, you pay attention to the letters that are green or yellow.

Keep trying and sharingYou will win the game if you get all the words correct in a limited number of letter swaps available. Then, you can share the game and the result with your friends!

Game Modes

  1. Daily mode: This is the basic game mode of Crosswordle. You try to fill words into the grid according to given suggestions within a certain period of time.
  2. Practice mode: In this mode, You can practice your guessing skills and play a new game without having unlimited playing time.

If you love vocabulary and brain games, let's play Crosswordle!

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